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A little bit of history

For over 20 years, TranslationLinks has been a pioneer in the language industry. Since its beginnings as a language centre in 1993, Translationlinks gradually evolved from a language academy into a full translation agency offering a wide array of services, including multilingual testing.

The Online Proficiency Examination (OPE) concept was born when TranslationLinks approached by hospitals in its headquarters city of Denver, Colorado was asked to develop a test to determine the competency level of in-house medical interpreters and bilingual staff members. TranslationLinks responded by partnering with software developers and healthcare organizations and launching OPE in 2001 in order to meet this growing need.

After several years of improvements and updates, 2010 saw the launch of OPE version 2.0, an advanced linguistic tool that allows hospital administrators to create their own tests to assess language proficiency, ethics and standards of medical interpretation, medical vocabulary, listening comprehension skills, and Sight translation among others.

OPE version 2.0 is a highly sophisticated testing platform that supports all subjects and alphabets. It is a fully customizable tool that empowers any health organization in the language testing process.

Language Testing Pitfalls
Many organizations utilize the language skills of their own bilingual personnel yet have no certainty of the actual language communication abilities of such personnel.
In an effort to accurately determine the skills, abilities, vocabulary mastery and fluency levels of staff in the role as in-house interpreters, TranslationLinks offers language testing through our Online Proficiency Examination (OPE) system, powered by our sister technology company WebXample.
Most organizations believe that all tests are created equal, that you can use one test to assess all levels of staff members, but in reality language testing is much more complex than that. Language testing requires a full analysis and understanding of the testing effort to provide results that are useful to the organization in making the best hiring decisions.
TranslationLinks can develop and customize a test based on your organization’s criteria and language needs and/or provide your project manager with the tools to develop and customize your organization’s own tests guiding him/her in the development process.
Our software allows to create tests that evaluate interpreting techniques, including listening comprehension, memory skills, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills, and multitasking abilities. Furthermore, we can customize the level of difficulty of a specific test for different staff members that require a lower bilingual fluency level than the interpreting staff.
Weather you have current testing needs or are searching for a viable, cost effective solution to test your staff, TranslationLinks is here to make your project a success! For more information, call us today at 1.888.878.2520.