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Product Features

Online Proficiency Examination (Version 2.0) Product Overview

Introducing the only testing platform with multilingual intelligence. Our system allows hospital administrators to develop tests and quizzes to quickly determine the proficiency level of employees or use our custom tests. Whether you need to test the linguistic level of your staff to designate as interpreters or translators and/or test the level of bilingual candidates, OPE is the right platform for you!

  • Access for Administrators, test takers and staff members via secure login
  • Tests can be created in any language combination (all alphabets accepted with virtual keyboard included)
  • Customizable Sections (Vocabulary, sight translation, translation, oral interview and more)
  • Question types (written examination, multiple choice, reading & Comprehension, listening & comprehension and oral interview)
  • Add, edit and/or delete categories, questions and sections (Test Creator)
  • Import/Export bilingual vocabulary and multiple choice questions
  • Import resources (Audio files, Video, Images, Text) to create your test modules
  • Intelligent automatic and semi automatic grading
  • Summarized and detailed reports

Common Applications
  • Practice exams
  • Language placement tests
  • Bilingual employment evaluations
  • Interpreter and translator screenings

Technical Benefits
  • Secured, hosted easy to use Web application
  • Online help menu and full technical support for licensed customers
  • Choose between a licensed application or Web hosted service
  • Multilingual test development services available
  • Cost effective, convenient and accessible 24/7/365 days a year